We Provide Total Life-Cycle Solutions for All Your Excess Capital Assets

ANDbio powered by REUZEit®brings value to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and as we serve some of the industry’s largest scientific producers, we have learned a more than a few things.

In 2014, ANDbio separated our in-house operating software and started REUZEit.com

While REUZEit®specializes in managing surplus equipment for some of the world’s largest pharma and biotech companies, ANDbio uses our extensive experience of refurbishing lightly used equipment for sale on our website and a long list of on-line market places.

With locations in both USA and Europe, we offer two websites, but we can ship anything, anywhere.  Shop at www.ANDbio.com and www.ANDbio.nl or signup for a free user membership and see everything on REUZEit®’s surplus asset network, Portal.REUZEit.com

When you purchase equipment from ANDbio, you are supporting a larger circular economy with several fortune 500 companies that have the foresight to reduce waste and practice reusing their capital equipment. In fact, we estimate that REUZEit®has redeployed over 10 Million pounds of equipment since 2012. Imagine when the entire industrial world begins to reuse equipment a reduce waste and reduce pollution from over manufacturing.

To learn more, please watch this short video, or visit REUZEit.com

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